Hidden Meadows Community Pool

Hidden Meadows Community Pool is conveniently located in the center of Hidden Meadows.  The pool is typically open from Memorial Day and usually closes after Labor Day.  Residents who live inside the covenant pay a nominal monthly fee to enjoy the pool and it’s surrounding amenities which include the pavilion and lighted tennis courts.  Residents residing outside the covenant have the option to pay $300 a year for pool privileges.  The pool is fully gated and monitored and only members and their guests are allowed to use the facilities.  

One of the things that makes Hidden Meadows Community Pool so special is the location.  The pool sits up on a small hill enveloped by chaparral covered hills with beautiful large boulders and trees of many varieties.  It has a park like setting.  Famous Legend Rock is high on top the hill above creating a dramatic back drop.  At different times of the day, the surrounding chaparral change colors and shapes.  While enjoying the pool, you are constantly reminded of the natural preserves and wildlife that exist in and around Hidden Meadows.  The sound of the trees blowing in the breeze and the chirping birds is a constant reminder that Hidden Meadows Community Pool is surrounded by the wonders of Nature.  

The pool is quite large in size and is the length of an olympic size pool, which allows for perfect lap swimming.  The deep end is 14 ft deep and at one time there was both a high and low diving board.  These have since been removed and there is currently no diving allowed in the pool. Children love to float on boogie boards and rafts and hang out in this part of the pool.   There also is a shallow baby area that is a great place for the little ones to get their faces under the water for the first time or splash around with fellow little Meadowites. Hidden Meadows Residents of all ages enjoy this beautiful sparkling pool with its wonderful large deck which accommodates several lounging chairs, umbrellas, and tables.  Many birthday parties have been held at the Hidden Meadows Community Pool.  There are plenty of picnic tables underneath the shade and the parking lot is quite large to handle big groups.  Hidden Meadows Community Pool is yet another special place that makes living in Hidden Meadows Escondido so awesome!

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