Hidden Meadows Escondido

Hidden Meadows Escondido is a community north of Escondido, California consisting of approximately 1600 homes.  Most of the homes in The Meadows are custom built and vary in price and size.  The selling price of these homes can range from $300,000.00- $2,500,000.00.  Hidden Meadows Escondido is situated in a small mountain range known as the Merriam Mountains and sits approximately 1500 feet above sea level.  This is why our community is often referred to as “The Island in the Sky”.  Hidden Meadows residents enjoy bountiful days of blue sky, happily avoiding the clouds and gloom associated with the coastal fog.  Views of Palomar Mountain, surrounding vistas and valleys, and the Pacific Ocean are abundant.  Interestingly, as “a crow flies” Hidden Meadows Escondido is only about 9 miles from the Pacific Ocean.  The afternoon breeze runs freely through the surrounding valleys and canyons leading up into the Meadows Community.  Often, the temperature is ten degrees cooler than in the basins of neighboring Escondido and Valley Center.
The Residents of Hidden Meadows Escondido range in age from the very young to the young at heart.  There are homes to accommodate many ages and diverse lifestyles.  The Meadows Community is rich in architecture and landscape and offers something for everyone.  Whether you enjoy golfing, tennis, swimming, walking, cylcling, running, hiking, horseback riding, or gardening, Hidden Meadows Escondido offers all of this and more.  Not to mention the mild Southern California climate allows these fun activities to be enjoyed year-round.

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