Hidden Meadows Kids Carnival

Once again it was time for the annual Hidden Meadows Kids Carnival held at the pavilion and pool parking lot.  Kids from the neighborhood gather every year in October to celebrate Halloween and have some fun with friends and family.  The  DJ provided  fun and festive music the entire time, and added to the excitement of the hoola-hoop and cake walk events.  There was a fun Halloween jumpy for the kids to bounce around in and get some exercise.  So many volunteers provided yummy baked goods and fun and goolish cakes for the cake walk.  The smell of  buttery and salty popcorn flowed through the air as the popcorn maker was running non-stop.  The ice cold lemonade was so thirst-quenching and refreshing.  Fun prizes were awarded to those who participated in the numerous games that were inside the tents that lined the perimeter of the parking lot.  Games included the Headless Horseman, the Fishing Adventure, and Ring Toss just to mention a few. 

Hidden Meadows Kids Carnival truly is an extraordinary event enjoyed by so many.  It’s hard to determine who really has more fun, the little tots or their grandparents.  Smiles and laughter were in abundance.   The face painting booth was another hit this year.  The face painters could barely paint fast enough to make sure everyone had something fun on their face.  There was the cute  Little Spider Man who was so happy to have his face painted to match his costume. The beautiful Autumn weather allowed for another successful Hidden Meadows Kids Carnival. So, next year when the Goblins and Ghosts come out to play, make sure you stop by the Hidden Meadows Kids Carnival and share the fun times we all have enjoyed throughout the years.  Hidden Meadows Escondido offers so many fun events and activities throughout the year. It truly is a cohesive and welcoming community, and an absolutely wonderful place to call home.

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