Hidden Meadows – Rich in History

There is truly something special in Hidden Meadows.  Have you been west of Mountain Meadow Road entering the covenant area?

When I first visited Hidden Meadows, I felt a sense of tranquility.  It is so secluded and peaceful, yet accessible.  This is why we moved here.  At the same time, I was not at all surprised when I discovered that early native Americans called it home as well. According to Environmental Impact Reports, Native Americans inhabited Hidden Meadows over 8,000 years ago.  Evidence of their presence remains visible today!
In an area located just west of Mountain Meadow Road as you enter the covenant area, there is a special protected area within a development of houses.  Fortunately, for the community of Hidden Meadows, the site and surrounding oak-rich woodland were preserved by the developer.  There, you will find large, flat granite boulders where the inhabitants would grind oak acorns into a paste to create a food source.
These food-grinding impressions in the rock are called “Middens”.  You can imagine that it would take many years of grinding in the same spot to create the deep bowl-like impressions in the rock.

In addition, from the “Middens”, there is a clear view of Legend Rock. According to legend, this rock was significant to the Native Americans that inhabited this area nearly 8,000 years ago. 

Images do not justify the beauty and spectacle of Legend Rock and the Middens.  It is truly a place that you have to see for yourself.  When you are here in person, you can feel that there is a sense of mystery balanced with a sense of peacefulness that makes Hidden Meadows a truly unique community to live in.

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